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CSP Designer

otto's dynamic Content Security Policy  generator lets you easily customize, test and deploy CSPs across multiple sites. Save versions, roll back to previous and centralize all your policies & violation reports. 

JSSP ACL Designer

otto's proprietary JavaScript Security Policy is great for companies with lots of third-party scripts, like ecommerce & media sites. Unlike the CSP designer, JSSP allows you to let all scripts run on your site, while limiting the access and permissions of each.

Browser Firewall

otto's Browser Firewall works like your WAF, but for the client-side to help you prevent client-side attacks, data skimming and privacy risks.


otto security tools

ottoBox security + compliance  tools provide tips and tutorial videos to keep you moving fast. Once you've set up your rules, you can use ottoBox to view your alerts or use the API and add to your SIEM and other dashboards.

"Stopped a Magecart Attack"

otto-js Script Shield blocked a Magecart attack from compromising customer data. 

– Dr. Robert Spangler, New Jersey State Bar Association

"Great Customer Support"

Set it and forget it! Since we started using otto-js no more customer complaints about malware & malvertising. Support is fast & easy.

 – Catherine Beattie, Britannica 

OMG so easy!

I was struggling with my SAQ, we failed two sections and didn't know what to do next. We found otto's online SAQ and within 20 minutes we were able to update our attestation and passed our PCI DSS V4 assessment!

– Jennifer Shaw, Bunny Rocket

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Script Integrity


24-Hour Fast Pass One-Click Compliance 

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