PCI DSS V4.0 Compliance

Open API

The endpoints you want, the integrations you need, the scale to manage all your customers. 

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otto Endpoints

Welcome to the otto-js API! otto-js is a powerful platform that offers a range of services to ensure the security, compliance, and integrity of your web applications. The otto-js API endpoints enable MSSPs, compliance platforms, ASVs, QSAs, ISVs and teams of all kinds to streamline the management, security and compliance of digital supply chains 

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Script Integrity

Automated Script Integrity means Compliance & Security for your website. Mitigate Third-Party Risks. Audit and manage attestations. Defend your website from attackenterprise

Managed Services

otto-js offers a wide range of managed services to help companies consolidate & centralize management and response. Pentesting, ASV, vulnerability monitoring, patching, malware protection,safe ad protection, phishing, darkweb probing and more. Request consultation with otto-js security expert.Managed Service Provider

Malware Guard + AdGuard

otto-js Malware Guard protects your website from attacks like magecart, data-skimming, form-jacking and more. Perfect for publishers. Forget about bad ads, malvertising, click-bait & fraud. otto-js protects your ad revenue and customer experience.SME