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Compliance Transformation

Protecting the Digital Supply Chain is no longer a nice idea, it's a requirement. Emerging Governance Risk & Compliance are demanding new Risk Management for Digital Supply Chains.

Industries & government are mandating updates that require "code-level" real-time observability & enforceability, in the browser to detect fraud & prevent data loss (breaches) online.

New Regulations are Confusing, Expensive & Manual

The new requirements are very technical making the process confusing, expensive and manual. 

Many online SAQ (Self Assessment Questionnaire) services don't offer the necessary services or advice to easily address the failing requirements. Merchants are left to their own to find solutions.

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One-click Plugins

One-click fast-pass for ecommerce platforms, compliance management software, PaaS & IaaS 

99% Automated

Easy, affordable, Integrated, effective. No new integrations. Compliant 24/7

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Attestations in 24-hours or less. Fully customizable. Continuous compliance. Never miss a deadline.

Small Merchant Friendly

otto-js cares about compliance & security for all size businesses and has pricing to meet all budgets.

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Enterprise Ease

otto-js offers white-glove managed services, security tools, 24/7 remediation and scaled cloud infrastructure to support large enterprise & fleet needs. 

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"Stopped a Magecart Attack"

otto-js Script Shield blocked a Magecart attack from compromising customer data. 

– Dr. Robert Spangler, New Jersey State Bar Association

"Great Customer Support"

Set it and forget it! Since we started using otto-js no more customer complaints about malware & malvertising. Support is fast & easy.

 – Catherine Beattie, Britannica 

OMG so easy!

I was struggling with my SAQ, we failed two sections and didn't know what to do next. We found otto's online SAQ and within 20 minutes we were able to update our attestation and passed our PCI DSS V4 assessment!

– Jennifer Shaw, Bunny Rocket

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Script Integrity

One-Click Compliance

 24-Hours or less  PCI DSS V4.0 

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99% Automated

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Script Integrity


24-Hour Fast Pass One-Click Compliance 

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Script Integrity

Automated Script Integrity means Compliance & Security for your website. Mitigate Third-Party Risks. Audit and manage attestations. Defend your website from attackenterprise

Managed Services

otto-js offers a wide range of managed services to help companies consolidate & centralize management and response. Pentesting, ASV, vulnerability monitoring, patching, malware protection,safe ad protection, phishing, darkweb probing and more. Request consultation with otto-js security expert.Managed Service Provider

Malware Guard + AdGuard

otto-js Malware Guard protects your website from attacks like magecart, data-skimming, form-jacking and more. Perfect for publishers. Forget about bad ads, malvertising, click-bait & fraud. otto-js protects your ad revenue and customer experience.SME