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Still keeping the bad guys out of your good stuff, now with otto-Bot AI assist! 

Simplify ad operations and save valuable time by letting otto-js take care of blocking bad ads, troubleshooting, and assisting with your research. Rely on otto-Bot, your 24/7 expert.


Adops just got easier. otto-Bot AI, your 24/7 co-pilot!

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Security Analyst

Engage in lively, dynamic conversations with otto-Bot and get prompt answers to all your security and compliance inquiries. Simply ask otto-Bot to dive into specific security or compliance topics, and it will quickly provide you with a concise summary of its findings. And the best part? You can save these research chats and seamlessly pick up where you left off.

Review Scripts for Malware

otto-Bot seamlessly integrates with your existing otto-js security and compliance tools. Simply ask otto-Bot to review scripts in ottoBox, detect any malicious ones, and inquire about any script discovered on your website. With otto-Bot as your trusted advisor, you'll receive expert guidance on the necessary steps to safeguard your site effectively.

Research Helper & Guide

Receive personalized assistance with a range of compliance tasks, including policy creation and management, audit conducting, and resolution of compliance issues. Engage with otto-Bot to ask questions along the way and conveniently save conversations for future reference.

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otto AdGuard makes adops communication with security & webops teams easy. otto-js endpoints gives your security and webops team an easy way to view all thrid-party script alerts through single pane of glass.With otto-js ope API your security team can see what you see as well as the technical details that provide valuable insights into the kinds of malicious attacks many bad ads are distributing. No more back and forth with screenshots, emails and phantom urls.




Protect Your Brand

  • Keep audiences engaged longer, with protection from:
    • Customer hijacking (non-malicious forced redirects)
    • Trojans (malicious redirects)
    • Phishing Attacks (fake software updates, malicious plugins, fake helpdesk)
    • Fake ad networks/servers/agencies

Fill More Inventory

  • Lower Bid Floors Without Fear of:
    • Redirects/popups
    • Data Skimming
    • Criminal Scams (fake investment, contests, and brand spoofing)
    • Misleading & offensive content
    • Crpto-Jacking / CPU-Jacking
    • Arbitrage 
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Make More Money

  • Recover Revenue Lost to Hijacked Ads:
    • Malicious script injections in ads
    • Watering-hole attacks
    • Compromise-scams (pornographic downloaders)  
    • Misleading Content (fake GDPR opt-ins)
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