Introducing otto-Bot for students, the ultimate online guardian.

Discover the secure, educational, and engaging chat experience of otto for ChromeBook—no copy and paste, just safe and fun learning!

Protection & Control for Students

otto-js provides 24/7 protection from malware, viruses, personal data exposure, and unwanted chat. Let students advance their AI learning safely with otto.

Safe AI & browsing for students

Having a hard time navigating your student's online safety while nurturing their curiosity in the digital world? Well, look no further! With otto-Bot as your online guardian, you can rest assured that your child's safety and love for learning are well taken care of.

Find out how otto-Bot not only puts a stop to unwanted use of AI apps, but also delivers a safe, enriching, and educational AI chat experience for students. Say goodbye to copy and paste, and hello to a secure and captivating learning environment!

Blocks Unwanted Content
Protection & Control
Blocks thousands of malicious attacks
Restricts access to suspicious & unsecured sites
Restricts access to age inappropriate sites
Restricts access to offensive content categories
Built for education
Trained with highly relevant material
Allows students to safely engage with AI
Doesn't permit copy and paste
Listen & learn