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Watch otto-Bot effortlessly handle the workload of three full-time employees.

Get otto-Bot, the world's first AI security analyst, on your team and witness its mind-blowing AI capabilities firsthand!

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Tired of researching security and compliance topics for hours? Need a team of security experts available 24/7? Explore the new otto-js feature! Introducing otto-Bot, the innovative AI security and compliance analyst powered by otto-js.

With advanced AI technologies like ChatGPT and exclusive AI models, otto-Bot offers real-time conversations, comprehensive security research, and reliable compliance assistance on the ottoBox platform.


Let otto-Bot help you do everything!

Security Analyst

Engage in lively, dynamic conversations with otto-Bot and get prompt answers to all your security and compliance inquiries. Simply ask otto-Bot to dive into specific security or compliance topics, and it will quickly provide you with a concise summary of its findings. And the best part? You can save these research chats and seamlessly pick up where you left off.

Review Scripts for Malware

otto-Bot seamlessly integrates with your existing otto-js security and compliance tools. Simply ask otto-Bot to review scripts in ottoBox, detect any malicious ones, and inquire about any script discovered on your website. With otto-Bot as your trusted advisor, you'll receive expert guidance on the necessary steps to safeguard your site effectively.

Compliance Helper & Guide

Receive personalized assistance with a range of compliance tasks, including policy creation and management, audit conducting, and resolution of compliance issues. Engage with otto-Bot to ask questions along the way and conveniently save conversations for future reference.

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